They Might Be Trolls

I enjoy torturing innocent people.

One of my former students follows me on Twitter. They have a tendency to find music acts they love and absorb every little fact about them. I get that; I used to do the same thing with comic books (I still know more than I should about kryptonite).

Past obsessions include Simon & Garfunkel, The Monkees and Elton John. Their current primary focus seems to be They Might Be Giants (a favorite of mine as well).

The torture: posting fake TMBG albums on Twitter. Source albums and torture tools below.

Bonus irritation: right font, wrong word order.

Bonus Irritation: Changing the Band to The Monkees.
Bonus Irritation: That’s the name of Taylor Swift’s album.
NO IRRITATION REGISTERED. Even the “John Legend” thing didn’t bug them. Lesson: no more jazz albums!

I usually stuck these into real environments to make them more confusing.