I make important things for work (Star Wars Edition)

Just Star Wars Things.

My students are shooting a film that includes a light saber battle, so I found a tutorial to help them figure out the effects. This is my rough test footage.

George Lucas named Luke Skywalker after me.

Some things:

  • Rotoscoping is annoying and tedious.
  • Rotoscoping is even more annoying and tedious when you realize halfway through it that you haven’t been setting keyframes.
  • It’s easier to to animate large movements.
  • It’s hard to match up prerecorded light saber sounds to new video. None of the sounds in this clip are timed properly, and most of them are the wrong sound altogether. I would have faked it with mouth noises, but Katherine is asleep and doesn’t need to wake up to me making buzzes and space burps.
  • Square ended light sabers look weird.

I also made this opening for the morning bulletin. A few nerds on campus will get it.

And all of them will be annoyed by it.

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