Then Cave Bronson

The Batcave I didn’t quite visit is actually Bronson Cave, and it’s been a popular site to film things for over a century. Besides being the Batcave from the 1966 series, it’s also been:

Oh, and The Doors visited.

The caves of perception
“How are we gonna put doors on THAT?”
Lawrence Welk looked different in person
“Don’t add doors! They block the bubbles!”

Here’s a video that breaks down a bunch of things filmed at Bronson Cave.

I also make fun of two probably-perfectly-acceptable movies. I guess I should put their trailers in as well.

Wait- the family is crazy and fighting but in the end there’s a heartwarming moral? I don’t think that’s ever been done!
Wait- a saucer-eyed CGI character has a problem apparently solved by a mysterious object? The only thing that could make this more original is if it turns out she didn’t actually need it!

And now I hear you complaining that you don’t get the title of this post. Surely you haven’t forgotten Then Came Bronson, a series that ran for one season in 1969!

Classic Bronson.

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