Copyrighted Mickey Mouse of the Day #00004

“I hate this job, and I hate you, Pete!”

Pete looked at his feet in complete defeat. “Look, Mickey, I know I fly off the handle sometimes, but I need you here.”

Mickey Mouse was having none of it. “None of it will I have!” he heaved. “I’m going to pursue my real dream: baking pastries!”

He marched off the boat and straight to his new bakery. He worked nonstop for days to fill his shop with delicious treats. In fact, he worked so hard that he fell asleep on the racks of pastries. When he awoke, his ears felt heavy and everything sounded like he was lisening through a wall. He ran to the bathroom and discoverd each ear had been perfectly sealed by one of his cinnamon buns! Oh, how he cried.

Cinnamon bun Mickey Mouse

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