Streaming Movie Adventures: Two-Thirds of Elemental, plus the Oscars

It's INCOMPLETE MEDIA DAY! Let's talk about a movie I started yesterday and an award show I kind-of watched!

(The rest of) Elemental

Elemental movie bar

I ended up going back and finishing it. It’s not exactly bad- it’s more like it feels pointless. Pixar’s really lost the emotional core of their movies. I watched less than two hours ago, and I can only remember one character’s name. It’s not even a main character. There are multiple pointless subplots, like a special flower that looks like it’s being set up for some big purpose, but ends up just serving as a reference point for the main characters’ feelings.

(Less than half of) The Oscars

Heads of Oscars

A pretty rough start full of flat jokes and failed bits, but it started to find its legs when John Cena showed up. Even so, I was disinterested enough that I moved to my computer to do work and watched in a tiny window in the corner of my monitor. The stream kept crashing, and I never rushed to restart it, so I missed a lot.

I didn’t agree with all the choices, but at least Green Book didn’t win this year.

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