Retro Movie Adventures: Orlando

It's my second Tilda Swinton movie in a week. I'm swimming in Swinton!
Orlando movie bar

There are tons of old movies I’ve always wanted to see but never manage to get around to watching. I usually end up thinking “oh, I’ve waited this long- I can watch it later.” And then I don’t. Lucky for me there’s a partial solution: Alamo Drafthouse movie festivals! Make a movie an event and I might actually make time for it.

Orlando doesn’t always work, but Tilda Swinton is great as the titular boy/man/woman. She breaks the fourth wall a lot- I bet Phoebe Waller Bridge got some ideas from here- but it felt like an acknowledgment that the audience is part of the story.

Lots of character actors you might recognize in cameos, including Billy Zane at his Billy Zaniest.

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