Movie Pass Adventures: Snack Shack

How does Snack Shack stack? Is it on track, or does it lack?
Snack Shack menu bar.
Typical 14 year old boys

Snack Shack is from an alternate reality where Richard Linklater directed teen sex comedies, then decided to get rid of most of the sex. Characters and plot points that seem like they will be important to the story just disappear. Two very mature looking 14 year old boys take huge financial risks and it’s mostly fine. They also drink an impressive amount of beer, but it doesn’t seem weird because they look like they’re well past drinking age. None of it makes any sense, but that’s fine. The real story is the relationship the “kids” have with each other, and with the other folks in their lives. Not a great film, but watchable. It’s a watch while folding laundry kind of movie.

I didn’t laugh out loud very much, but I think a lot of that is because I saw it in a nearly empty theater. This is definitely a “see it in a crowd” kind of movie.

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