Retro Movie Adventures: Go Fish (1994)

This 1994 movie dares to ask the question "What if we made a rom-com... but with lesbians?"
Go Fish movie bar

If you made this movie now the lesbian part would almost be an incidental part of the story, but in 1994 it was pretty uncommon. The acting is pretty stiff; almost all of the cast never acted before or since. The numerous sex scenes might have been groundbreaking at the time, but now they seem overlong. There’s also a little too much Freshly Graduated Film Student Artiness (“Play it backward! Throw it some symbolic shots! Add a fantasy scene with everyone wearing the same wedding dress!”). A lot of this is just a product of when it was created. If it were made with current movie equipment, they would have been able to see what shots didn’t work and reshoot immediately without worrying about running out of film. But even with all that, Go Fish is still very watchable.

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