Retro Movie Adventures: The Dragon Lives Again (1977)

Is this the greatest superhero team ever assembled? (Spoiler: no.)
The Dragon Lives Again movie bar

All I knew about this movie when I bought the ticket was it was one of a billion Bruce Lee movies that tried to cash in after he died. Then it started, and I realized that this wasn’t just any Bruce Lee knockoff- this was the movie where Bruce Lee goes to purgatory and fights James Bond- and Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name, and Caine from Kung Fu, and the One-Armed Swordsman, and Dracula, and Popeye??? That would have been weird enough, but Alamo decided to make it a little more interesting by playing the Spanish dub without subtitles. I don’t speak Spanish, and I think that helped.

Also appearing: The Godfather and Emmanuel (as played by “Jenny, Emmanuel of N. Europe”).

Please enjoy this trailer and try and imagine an entire movie of this. Also, imagine it in Spanish.

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