My Least Favorite Call For Donations

How not to ask for money from me (sort of).

I like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I even (briefly and indirectly) worked for them. But I don’t care for this:

Children's Hospital donation request with a nickel
If I had a nickel for every time I got one of these…

I understand that donations matter and that every nickel counts. I understand that sending money, even a nickel, draws attention to the request. And I also understand that a mailer with a nickel costs at least a nickel more than a mailer without one. Don’t send me money when you’re asking me for money. It’s weird.

Again, I have nothing against CHLA. They do good stuff. You should give them money. Go to and throw a few bucks in to help some sick kids. I just did. But tell them Luke doesn’t want their nickels.

…and no fair pointing out that their marketing not only worked on me, but got me to advocate for them as well.


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