The Sources of The Savage She-Girls

I don’t normally do a how-the-sausage-is-made post about my silly little pictures, but these sources are so much cooler than what I made!

Angie Dickinson
Suzy Chafee (yes, yes, older people- “Suzy Chapstick”)
“Shelly Duvall” is actually Chilean artist Sylvia Palacios Whitman.

And that’s before we get to the wild ride that is Page 15 of the June 9, 1967 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

First of all, look at the range of styles of the movies:

If you weren’t in the mood for a movie, you could go to the Poison Spring Lounge and hear the Velvetones, or dance at Eagles Hall, or go to the free buffet at the grand opening of Ramando’s. If you were a senior citizen (which would make you about 120 now), go to the clubhouse and get breakfast.

And I love the articles. The “Women Soldiers” article starts with “…Israel’s shapely girl soldiers have been right behind the frontline troops.” At least they didn’t go with “G-G-G-GIRLLLLSSS? In the ARMY?”

Kids today and their crazy television shows. Technology is separating the generations! Good thing that’s fixed now.

You can read the whole paper here.

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