You’ll play far t oo long!

It's the hot new game that's blowing around town causing a stink: GUESS WHO'S GASSY? This vintage game box feature a picture of two contestants, but it's not clear who smelt it, and if they are the ones who dealt it.

This game was super popular in Chicago, but eventually it blew into every state.

Mastodon Photoshop

Forgive Me

So, over on Mastodon some folks were doing a bit where every song became a version of William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just To Say. I went a little outside the original spec and did these.

First up was a beloved action poetry classic.

Poster for "Raiders of the Icebox." Indy holds his beloved whip in one hand and beloved plums in the other.
I love that it looks like Belloq is screaming “NOT THE PLUMS! I WAS SAVING THOSE FOR BRERAKFAST!”

I regret not working in Indy climbing into the refrigerator.

And an alt-rock classic.

Cover for The Plums' "Icebox is Murder" featuring private William Carlos Williams. Certainly not a quick rework of The Smiths' "Meat is Murder," that's for sure.
So sweet and so cold tender hooligan.

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Terry made the best records.

Terry Thomas Presents A Miserable Blind Date on New Year's Eve
If you can name all the other pictured albums I will give you a real nickel (offer only applies to the first 100 people to guess correctly).

You might not know Terry Thomas by name, but if you’re somewhere around my age you’ll probably recognize him.

Wikipedia entry:


Hello, Toots

Cover of sheet music for "The Last Long Mile" featuring a prominent mention of tooting.

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