Advertising Mastodon Photoshop

Magenta House

I took one of the things I made for my magazine (seen here and here) and reverse engineered it to look like a scan.

An ad for the Magenta Record Hut. Where else can you find Beef Pig?

Really, I’m just using this as an excuse to make a link for testing Fediverse connectivity.



Why did you stop working, ActivityPub and Friends plugins?

Mastodon Photoshop

Forgive Me

So, over on Mastodon some folks were doing a bit where every song became a version of William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just To Say. I went a little outside the original spec and did these.

First up was a beloved action poetry classic.

Poster for "Raiders of the Icebox." Indy holds his beloved whip in one hand and beloved plums in the other.
I love that it looks like Belloq is screaming “NOT THE PLUMS! I WAS SAVING THOSE FOR BRERAKFAST!”

I regret not working in Indy climbing into the refrigerator.

And an alt-rock classic.

Cover for The Plums' "Icebox is Murder" featuring private William Carlos Williams. Certainly not a quick rework of The Smiths' "Meat is Murder," that's for sure.
So sweet and so cold tender hooligan.

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Hello, Toots

Cover of sheet music for "The Last Long Mile" featuring a prominent mention of tooting.

Testing if my WordPress to Mastodon thingie works.