Famous Movie Scenes

Some movies are so momentous that they are forever burned into the collective consciousness. Here are a few I appreciate. Every time I see them I find something new.

Orson Welles and Kermit in the famous campaign scene from Citizen Kane.
Orson Welles in the famous campaign scene from Citizen Kane(1941).
Barbara Satanwyck, Fred MacMurray, and Grover in the grocery store scene from Double Indemnity.
Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in a scene from Double Indemnity (1944).
Anthony Perkins, Miss Piggy, and Janet Leigh in Psycho.
Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960).
The cast of Spotlight.
And a more recent film, the modern classic Spotlight (2015).

Do you like movies? Really? Then name seven of them.

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