The Most Important Records of All Time

The greatest albums of all time, as chosen by the people who live under my floorboards. No where in history can one find a better set of collected tones.

These are the greatest albums ever recorded, and this certainly isn’t just a repost of old junk that I’m using to test how things look when posted to Facebook. Take the time to find these at your local record shop. I won’t regret it!

Connie Chung Live
Connie Chung Sings the Music of DEVO – Live!
Haunting and lyrical, Connie spins gold into platinum.
Denzel Washington - Damn Suspicious Clouds
Denzel Washington – Damn Suspicious Clouds
WARNING: If you try to play this and only hear a high-pitched whine, your tracking implant has been activated. Find shelter. It won’t help, but you will feel more comfortable until the reprogramming squad appears.
Tuvan Throat-Singing Politicians Volume 14: 1981-82
Tuvan Throat-Singing Politicians Volume 14: 1981-82
Maggie’s cover of The J. Geil’s Band’s “Love Stinks” finds surprising new layers of remorse and heartache. Hankies required.
Ed Asner (Soundtrack)
Ed Asner (Soundtrack)
Entirely composed from Asner’s grunts and body noises. Most people are more familiar with Giorgio Moroder’s remix of “Midnight After Taco Bell,” but the original is a stark reminder of the raw power of field recordings.

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