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I had no idea these had been around so long. The design has barely changed!


The Sources of The Savage She-Girls

I don’t normally do a how-the-sausage-is-made post about my silly little pictures, but these sources are so much cooler than what I made!

Angie Dickinson
Suzy Chafee (yes, yes, older people- “Suzy Chapstick”)
“Shelly Duvall” is actually Chilean artist Sylvia Palacios Whitman.

And that’s before we get to the wild ride that is Page 15 of the June 9, 1967 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

First of all, look at the range of styles of the movies:

If you weren’t in the mood for a movie, you could go to the Poison Spring Lounge and hear the Velvetones, or dance at Eagles Hall, or go to the free buffet at the grand opening of Ramando’s. If you were a senior citizen (which would make you about 120 now), go to the clubhouse and get breakfast.

And I love the articles. The “Women Soldiers” article starts with “…Israel’s shapely girl soldiers have been right behind the frontline troops.” At least they didn’t go with “G-G-G-GIRLLLLSSS? In the ARMY?”

Kids today and their crazy television shows. Technology is separating the generations! Good thing that’s fixed now.

You can read the whole paper here.

Advertising Photoshop

Classic Movie Ads

There was a time when not every movie was based on a comic book, when movies didn’t have years of hype leading up to their release. I remember being a kid and scanning the newspaper for new movies. You never knew what you’d find.

Sadly, I can’t find any trace of this movie online. Like many lost films of the past, it’s as if it never existed.


Then Cave Bronson

The Batcave I didn’t quite visit is actually Bronson Cave, and it’s been a popular site to film things for over a century. Besides being the Batcave from the 1966 series, it’s also been:

Oh, and The Doors visited.

The caves of perception
“How are we gonna put doors on THAT?”
Lawrence Welk looked different in person
“Don’t add doors! They block the bubbles!”

Here’s a video that breaks down a bunch of things filmed at Bronson Cave.

I also make fun of two probably-perfectly-acceptable movies. I guess I should put their trailers in as well.

Wait- the family is crazy and fighting but in the end there’s a heartwarming moral? I don’t think that’s ever been done!
Wait- a saucer-eyed CGI character has a problem apparently solved by a mysterious object? The only thing that could make this more original is if it turns out she didn’t actually need it!

And now I hear you complaining that you don’t get the title of this post. Surely you haven’t forgotten Then Came Bronson, a series that ran for one season in 1969!

Classic Bronson.
Advertising Photoshop


And it’s tasty, too!



He says he’s a professional, so he must be good.

Advertising Batman superheroes

One way to get kids to make their beds.


Is it bad that I kind of want this?

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A “classic”: Fancy Rat

Note: “Classic” posts are just me moving some old stuff from static HTML pages to WordPress blog posts. “Classic” does not mean good.

June 30, 1999
Fancy Rat

Petco will sell you a rat for four bucks. FANCY!

From the Petco flyer that came in the mail yesterday. What makes it a “fancy rat?” Does it dress up? Does it create intricate, delicate patterns with its droppings? And if it is so damn fancy, why does it only cost four bucks?

July 1, 1999
More Rats, Star Wars

My pal Ty gave me the lowdown on “fancy rats”- they’re just rats with colored markings. Apparently, “standard rats” are all gray or all brown, which I guess is the rat equivalent of walking around in your sweats all day.

I realized something last night: Qui Gon is a bad man, an idiot, or both. He doesn’t heed the advice of his superiors, he steals blood, he lies about “his” ship and pod racer, he risks the life of a little boy to suit his needs, he brings the highly useless amphibian JarJar into the middle of a desert… and he’s the master & Obi-Wan is the trainee? That’s sort of like the manager at McDonald’s starting that Emiril guy from Food TV out on the fry machine.


Don’t Feel Down

I remember when this city had proper public transportation.