See for yourself!

Magazine ad for Ingredient 11-17. Text: When you need results, you need Ingredient 11-17! 
Several "before and after" photos follow with testimonials:
I didn't think it was possible!
I really noticed the difference!
I can no longer be controlled!
I've been married 14 times!
I thought this would make me happy!
I almost remember what happened!
I have only been married 13 times, but I've got time!

Yes, our competitors (the "Government") have made claims about our products, but until they can prove it SCIENTIFICALLY we will continue to provide INGREDIENT 11-17 to anyone who isn't going to let "doctors" stop them from consuming "unregulated materials and devices!"


Napoleon Bonajort

Napoleon Bonajort riding his horse Majorto over the Alps.
I have returned- with jorts!


Poster for Gonk with the Windu

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a gonk.


Cutoff in his prime

World famous denim enthusiast Jorts Harrison on the cover of his seminal work All Things Must Pants.
Advertising Mastodon Photoshop

Magenta House

I took one of the things I made for my magazine (seen here and here) and reverse engineered it to look like a scan.

An ad for the Magenta Record Hut. Where else can you find Beef Pig?

Really, I’m just using this as an excuse to make a link for testing Fediverse connectivity.


Now I can pretend I’m a published author.

I’m thinking about having my students make a magazine, so I made a goofy test book. I’m putting a link to it here in case any of you like to spend too much money on stuff. I set my profit to zero, so all of your money will go straight to the big scary corporation.

Most of it is stuff I’ve already posted. I’ll probably end up putting the rest of it up as well, so you should probably just wait.

Music Photoshop

Hounds of Luke

Please enjoy "Hounds of Luke" AKA "Kate Bush with my face."

I apologize in advance for all nightmares generated by this image.
Greatest Photoshop ever?

I just got a Mac Mini. I had forgotten how easy it is to use Garageband to make terrible music. Please enjoy this interpretation of a classic song from the eighties currently enjoying oversaturation thanks to a retro horror television show.

I’m sure this is how Kate Bush wanted this to sound.
Advertising Photoshop

Real Ultimate Power

I wonder whatever happened to him.

When I was really working out, I’d start the day with a cup of KTPM, run thirty miles, have two more cups, lift for a few hours (either upper body, legs, or tongue), have eight more cups, then go right to sleep. I have never been healthier than I was at my healthiest!

Advertising Photoshop

It’s Big!

A 1947 ad for the classic Big Sandwich before they went commercial. The most beautiful woman in the world holds one aloft. Glowing text gushes over the wonders of Big Sandwich. All told, seven people raise three Big Sandwich to the air as if to say WE DENY YOUR GOD.
Have YOU accepted Big Sandwich?


I hope he got the help he deserved.

Benito Caprese needs your help!