I make silly stuff, and teach kids how to make silly stuff.


My Mortal Foe, Daniel Quinn: VANQUISHED! Peep this: TWENTY FIVE POINT TWO PERCENT. Pity poor Daniel Quinn, for his paltry 25.02% of the Valley has been crushed. This is me: …and this is PATHETIC HAS BEEN DANIEL QUINN: At this…

50ish recent songs

50ish recent tracks, mostly picked by my phone. I listen to some goofy stuff. Are You a Magician? – SoKoCandy-Coated Popcorn, Peanuts and a Prize [Crackerjack commercial]The Ties That Bind – Bruce Springsteen How Now (ft. Feist) – SnowblinkRemote Control…

Hello, Internet.

Dear Internet, How are you? Fine, I hope. I am fine. I’m sorry I haven’t written for a couple of months. I was really busy or something. So much has happened since my last note. The most significant thing is…


This is from Marvel Team-Up #74, where Spider-Man teamed up with the 1978 cast of Saturday Night Live.